About Fire & Ice 

Fire & Ice Restaurant and Bar:
Steakhouse, Seafood, & Pasta in Springfield MO

Located inside Springfield’s upscale Oasis Hotel & Convention Center, Fire & Ice Restaurant & Bar serves a wide variety of cuisine, including savory steaks, delicious seafood, and a mix of pastas, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Served in a modern atmosphere, and featuring Springfield’s only ice bar, Fire & Ice delivers an experience like “no other.” Fire & Ice is the “hot” spot for “cool” cuisine!   

Ice Cold Drinks &
a Fiery Kitchen

Fire & Ice Restaurant & Bar gets its name from the unique layout and design of our restaurant.

The open kitchen presents a show of flames as your meal is being prepared, and a six inch section of ice spans the length of our curved bar, and keeps your drinks perfectly chilled.

The open kitchen allows the full Fire & Ice experience to take place. Guests may sit at the bar, resting their drinks on ice, while watching the flare from the kitchen. The sights, sounds, and smells of the cuisine being prepared before their eyes allow the guest to be fully engaged in all aspects of their meal. Members of our culinary team are highly trained and are proud artisans of their work, so showcasing their skills only makes sense. Since Fire & Ice is a locally owned and operated Springfield exclusive restaurant, it is a truly authentic experience that you will never have anywhere else.

Come to Fire & Ice Restaurant and Bar

If you’re looking for something different then Fire & Ice Restaurant and Bar is the place for you in Springfield, MO. We offer a wide range of cuisine, and design new menus adapting to each season, so there is always a new favorite to discover. Contact our fine dining establishment today for a reservation, private dining room inquiries or questions about catering opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you.